ProCoiffeur FEATURES

You can make 7/24 uninterrupted appointments through the ProCoiffeur program, which we developed to help you make an online appointment easily from the centers where you want to make an appointment. You can easily get your appointment by filtering the hours and services you find suitable without having to deal with heavy phone traffic for appointment operations.

Beauty salons are very busy at some times, so sometimes they can make an appointment weeks later. But it is forgotten when the day of the appointment arrives. With ProCoiffeur, you can handle your operations just in time without encountering such bad surprises. To make an appointment, simply register through the ProCoiffeur program and select the relevant process and duration.

It's that easy.

AKINSOFT ProCoiffeur

You can easily make an appointment 24/7 via the system by filtering the appropriate hours and services easily.

Time management

Collect all your appointments on a single system to prevent appointment clutter.

Unlimited Use

You can add as many customers and create appointments as you want without any limitations.

No Apps Required

Your customers don't need to download any apps to make an appointment.
14 Days Free Trial * No Credit Card Required